90 Days to Creating a Life You Love

*for the professional woman scaling beyond 7-figure success – building wealth & creating meaningful impact through her work & life & pleasure
How bold are you ready to be?

In The Unlocking you rise to your boldest expression and begin to create a life you’re passionately in love with.

It’s daring, it’s a little terrifying, it’s so worth it.

You’re a woman who knows success.

You’ve created a great business.

You’ve cultivated special relationships in your life.

Most importantly, you’ve already taken bold action and you love your life.

You wouldn’t be here otherwise.

But the boldness I’m talking about is a whole new level of fearlessness in the unknown.

The life you’re passionately in love with is where you’ve explored the deepest nature of your desires, and each element of your life – friends, family, lovers and partners, your business, down to each individual client – every single aspect has been consciously chosen and curated by you with the highest of intention.

This is about choosing to create a life you love as your foundational core belief.

Based on the idea that when you walk through life completely in love with the reality you’re creating – you touch the world and people in subtle and profound ways that leaves a ripple effect through the rest of time.

Getting there is about some big shifts you still need to make.

But it’s also about all of the little ones, the ones you don’t think really matter, but actually, are the keys to knowing you’re in your greatness.

Why personal development and “doing the work” only takes us so far. . .

Somewhere along the way, personal development has become something we must do to get somewhere that’s not here.

It’s taken a place on our to-do lists, along with things like business strategy – bringing little to incremental change in the big picture of your life’s work, impact, and prosperity.

That’s why all of the NLP, the coaching, “the work”. feels like trying to excavate a massive treasure with a needle.

In The Unlocking – we focus on who you have to BE (not what you have to DO) to create a life you LOVE at the core of your being.

After coaching hundreds of clients and going through my own transformation, I came to see that the people who are financially successful and also enjoying life, really living, have embodied creating a life they LOVE PASSIONATELY.

There are some who follow a linear strategy to create financial success – but that says nothing about their sense of inner fulfillment.

There are some who run a great business, that looks like the epitome of success from the outside but in truth, they’re struggling – bogged down with tasks, never feeling supported, engulfed in a business they no longer love.

You can spend your whole life with strategies and “to do lists”, trying to change and control things in the outer, 3D physical world.

Or you can align your core values to the core values that create success and fulfillment.

The Experience of The Unlocking

What comes first, is this feeling that everything is exactly as it should be.
For the first time, you feel truly present to your experience.

The “never enough” future-focus (trying to get somewhere) is gone.

You still have a deep desire for more – in fact, it’s more potent than ever.

But it feels exciting.

It feels like a part of who you are and you know you’re exactly where you need to be.

And then life starts to shift.

Not necessarily in the ways you thought it would, but pieces come together. Some fall away.

It becomes obvious what the most important things are to focus on each day.

You start to get more and more excited about your day, which causes you to gain momentum in the places you enjoy.

You still keep a list of things to do but it’s more to get items off of your mind than it is something that is important in your consciousness.

Things get done at the right time. Some things end up not mattering. Some things you choose not to do or ignore, even though they seem important or urgent.

You hold honest conversations, moving relationships to more intimacy or completion at a new pace.

You clean up energy leaks – things that would previously weigh you down thinking and thinking about – you clean it up and take care of it consistently and completely so you have that energy to use creatively.

You celebrate your wins – in a way that adds to your energetic alignment.

You start to see your vision with more and more clarity – not the things we have been trained to want – but the things that are on your heart.

You create new programs, offerings, services (and other personal creations) from your inspiration.

You think of the unknown as an adventure instead of something to be protected against.

You remember that everything is happening for you, and you see evidence of it at every turn.

You experience prosperity in a whole new way and you’re pulled to create wealth outside of your business.

You FEEL good.


This is the power of the UNLOCKING.

Join us in. . .  

The Unlocking

*for the professional woman scaling beyond 7-figure success – building wealth & creating meaningful impact through her work & life

The Unlocking is more than a business strategy to help you scale.
It’s more than a personal growth program.

It’s a 90-day transformative experience where you actualize the impact you’re here to create, at the scale you know is possible – with ease and pleasure.

If you are ready to experience a new result in your business, the result that comes from having the highest alignment in your core values, this program is for you.

New Awareness + Aligned Action + Catalyzing Container = Transformation

April 2021 Founding Members Cohort

a special one-time experience

We’re creating a unique one-time experience for the Founding Members of The Unlocking Program. Some of the treats that only the Founding Cohort will enjoy:


Level of high touch and one-on-one access that won’t be offered again


Real-time access to expert guests that are true masters in their respective fields (people who are invited to speak on stages will sit in a private online room with just us to deliver transformational expertise)


VIP Initiation Call with Sloane – where we’ll customize your Unlocking journey based on your unique vision of the life you love


Opportunity to co-create your experience inside the program – because this is the Founding Cohort, Sloane will be adding extra sessions, resources and tools based on your journey

It’s a unique opportunity to get exactly what you need out of a transformational experience because it’s tailored to the highest level, integrating what you need in real-time into the program as we go.

*Due to the nature of this Founding Cohort experience – we’ll be carefully selecting our Founding Members through an initial conversation/ application to ensure we are aligned.

Founding Member Investment: $3,950

The Unlocking Experience


1-1 call with Sloane to determine your area of focus + customized action plan tailored to your core beliefs & your goals


Core Belief Elevation Sessions – 3 coaching calls each month (9 total) to support your mastery of the signature process of shifting your core beliefs

Guest Experts

3 Surprise Guest Appearances

intimate access to expert guests that are true masters in their respective fields

Aligned Action

Ongoing coaching – enjoy the high touch access to one-on-one support in embodying the 5 Core Beliefs and creating a life you love


Access to the intimate container with other women who are bold enough to claim creating the life they love – committed to making maximum impact, building wealth while supporting each other

*Community is hosted distraction-free on Circle

The Keys

Access to over 20 trainings in our Guide Library for best strategy and mindset practices on online business mastery, pleasure, sales in service, marketing with passion & purpose, building a rockstar team, creating a high quality relationship with you and more.

“After working with Sloane, everything has changed by leaps and bounds.  I started my own firm. I doubled my revenue. I expanded my team. And the interesting thing I was reflecting on, it was all there for me, just waiting for me to step into it. Personally, I am just happier, more present with my kids, on my way to becoming the mom I know I am for them.”

Katie Lasky

“Before working with Sloane, I was always in go mode.  I always had too much to do and never enough time to do it. I’ve slowed down, I’m more present and focused – and my business has more than tripled in the last year.  What’s more, I’m taking care of myself and enjoying the journey now.  I’ve become so much more confident and fulfilled by what I do.

On a personal side, my marriage is better than it’s ever been.  And we’re really excited about the future that we’re building together.”

Alex Pursglove

“After these 10 months, I feel like I can take on the world! Working with Sloane helped create a seismic shift in my perception of myself and what’s possible for my business and life. For one, I have a loving relationship with myself, which is very different than this time last year. And it’s spilled over to my business – not only am I going after bigger clients and putting myself out there even more, but I’ve doubled my revenue. It’s insane. I’m also listening to my inner guidance, and at this point, the sky’s the limit.”

Janet Gusdorff

“I think back to myself 10 months ago, and I’m just a different person. My perspective on the world has changed, my awareness about myself, about everything. Business-wise, I didn’t realize I was going through the motions – looking outside of myself to see how other financial advisors build their practice. I’ve come to the empowerment of doing it my own way – that serves me. It’s so much more exciting. Now, I can see there’s just so much more. I see what it can be.”

Michelle Curry Felendes

“After working with Sloane, I’ve been emboldened to do things that I knew I wanted to do. I’m seeing the rewards of leaning in and creating ease in my business. I’m so much more clear on my priorities, my goals, and I know exactly where I’m headed. I’m in more alignment with my higher vision, with the pleasure of serving myself and what I really want. And I’m inspired by her living example of what’s possible for women!”

On a personal side, my marriage is better than it’s ever been.  And we’re really excited about the future that we’re building together.”

Jennifer Burnham-Grubbs

“Sloane has a way of seeing your potential before you even know it’s there. Because of that gift, my work as an executive is balanced, with purpose and brings joy in my life. It has also afforded me the stamina to also build my business, helping others become their best selves. Sloane also helped me see the importance of being present and living fully. In doing this, my family and friendships are thriving. I have had coaches in the past that haven’t helped me shift so significantly. And that, I owe to Sloane. If you are ready to make a significant shift, she’s the only person I would recommend for that journey.”

Regina Johnson

About Sloane

From former business attorney to Core Beliefs Consultant – Sloane has guided thousands of women worldwide into their greatness in all aspects of business, lifestyle, and pleasure.

After scaling her boutique law firm in Santa Monica and coaching hundreds of her clients to help them through their toughest business challenges – Sloane sold her firm to pursue her heart’s calling.

She is now a Core Beliefs Consultant to ambitious women who are ready to expand beyond conventional possibilities and live fully while creating even more success in business.